Top 10 Trending Apparels from GodlyBible Launch

So we’ve rolled out four brand-new product types this week and the love we’ve gotten? Unbelievable! Our treasured customers have caught the GodlyBible wave, and are riding it high!

From Classic T-Shirts to Hoodies, every item’s a hit. Now, why all this excitement and you ask? It’s simple – every GodlyBible piece is more than just apparel. It’s a conversation starter. A proclamation of faith.

Feeling left out? Don’t! We are here with the hot list – the top 10 most popular pieces from our new launch. Let’s dive in and see what your fellow GodlyBible fans are loving!

Circle the Date: A Hot July Special Incoming

Caught the GodlyBible wave yet? It’s about to get bigger! We’re making this summer sizzle with an event you won’t want to miss on July 23rd.

The scoop—you can buy any apparel item on that day, and snag a Classic T-Shirt for FREE! You heard that right. But remember—this is only for the first five quick shoppers, who registered for the event.

With 200+ participants already, excitement is sky-high. Want in? Simply add your email to our form below.

Top 10 Favorites From GodlyBible’s Apparel Collection

July brings heatwaves and hot sellers! Let’s dive into the top 10 hits taking the GodlyBible stage.

1. ‘Faith makes all things possible – Love makes all things easy – Hope makes all things work’ – Classic T-Shirt

This Classic T-Shirt captures the essence of faith, love, and hope. It’s not just a piece of clothing—it’s a philosophy wrapped in soft fabric. According to our customers, it’s the ‘hit of the summer.’

2. ‘I still believe in amazing grace…’ – Women’s T-Shirt

This Women’s T-Shirt wears like a soft whisper but speaks volumes. It’s the perfect way to host a lifestyle of grace. Our customers find it comforting, inspiring, and truly amazing.

3. ‘Faith – it’s all about believing. You don’t know how it will happen, but you know it will’ – Classic T-Shirt

Subtle. Simple. Strong. This Classic T-Shirt tells it as it is. With its bold affirmation, it’s a hot favorite among our clients who appreciate it for its cheeky faith-full confidence.

4. ‘I Can Only Imagine Jesus In My Heart…’ – Sweatshirt

Imagine no more! Our customers have spoken—this Sweatshirt has captured hearts all around. Its comfortable feel and inspiring message are a cozy reminder of faith’s journey.

5. ‘Way maker. Miracle worker. Promise keeper. Light in the darkness. My God, that is who You are’ – Hoodie

God as a resume? Absolutely! Wear this Hoodie on a chilly morning or a breezy night. Its stylish design coupled with the powerful word declaration will remind you and others about God’s roles.

6. ‘The Lord Is My Strength And My Shield; Psalm 28:7’ – Classic T-Shirt

The Bible verse on this T-Shirt has turned heads and warmed hearts. According to our customers, they love its comfy fit and vibrant message of divine protection.

7. ‘I Can Do All Things Through Christ; Philippians 4:13’ – Sweatshirt

This Sweatshirt is your cozy armor of faith. It’s been met with rave reviews for its mix of comfort, style, and profound truth in the verse.

8. ‘With God, all things are possible. Matthew 19:26’ – Hoodie

Stylish. Comfortable. Inspirational. This Hoodie checks all the boxes. Customers love the reminder of God’s endless possibilities scribed on it.

9. ‘Walk By Faith, Not By Sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7’ – Women’s T-Shirt

This T-Shirt stands out for its gospel truth stitched on soft fabric. Our customers laud its message, pushing it to the top of our best-seller list.

10. ‘If we are faithless, He remains faithful. 2 Timothy 2:13’ – Classic T-Shirt

Simplicity at its best! Its butter-soft fabric bears a powerful testament that has captured many customers’ hearts.

There you go, your peek list! Remember—GodlyBible is not just about clothing. It’s about a lifestyle of faith, love, and hope, made tangible in every thread.

Gear Up & Lock Your Spot for July 23rd

Isn’t it amazing how faith can be stitched into your daily life – quite literally? From “Faith makes all things possible” Classic T-Shirt to “I still believe in amazing grace” Women’s T-Shirt, your enthusiasm has made these apparels more than just items, they’ve become fashion movements in themselves!

Now, don’t forget amidst all this love, a truly special event awaits on July 23rd that’s marked by more than 200 of your fellow Holy Warriors already!

Snag your chance to grab a FREE classic tee with any other apparel purchase. Sound exciting?

Register now by filling in your email in our form below to hop on this GodlyBible wave, and stay in the loop for every single divine deal we’re preparing for you.

In faith, love, and trendsetting style, GodlyBible is here to up your fashion quotient, one biblical quote at a time. So what are you waiting for? Register, shop, and get ready to be showered with holy style blessings! Counting down the days to see you onboard. Let the divine journey begin!

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  1. Beautiful verses, I love the verse, the Lord is My shepherd, I was burned 68% when I was 28, in Mich. My husband read that over and over, The doctors said I wouldn’t make it, but my Shepherd showed up and I am 80 in Oct. and I am still here. My God is always on time. Judy

    • Dear Judy,

      Your testimony is truly moving and inspiring ❤ It’s amazing how “The Lord is My Shepherd” has provided comfort and hope in your hardship. Your story exhibits God’s timely miracles.
      As you approach your 80th birthday in October, we express our heartfelt wishes. Thank you for sharing your journey with GodlyBible. May our verses continue to inspire and comfort you. Happy early birthday, Judy!

      With blessings,


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