Today Devotional: August 01, 2023

“Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.”Acts 2:43

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had moments where you’ve felt the awe of something larger than yourself. Maybe it was the birth of your child, standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, or even an incredible piece of art. These experiences leave us breathless and remind us of the vastness of the world, and our tiny, but significant, place within it.

Isn’t this verse just one of those moments? The early church, new and small, was witnessing things they couldn’t fully comprehend. The apostles were performing wonders and signs, and the people were filled with awe. They were experiencing the tangible, raw power of faith — something truly larger than themselves.

So why do we often lose that sense of awe in our everyday lives? We live in a world of wonders — from the smartphone in your hand to the stars overhead. And yet, we let these wonders become ordinary, just as we sometimes let our faith become a mundane routine instead of an awe-filled journey.

Acts 2:43 serves as a reminder to us: we’re invited into an awe-filled life with God. We’re a part of something vast, mysterious, and incredibly beautiful. Let’s not forget to marvel at the wonders God is performing in our lives, in others, and in the world around us.

My Prayer…

Heavenly Father, bring back the awe. Open my eyes to see the wonders You’re performing in my life and in the world around me. Help me to not become complacent or indifferent to Your works but to live in constant wonder and gratitude.

Teach me to cultivate a heart that marvels at the smallest blessings and rejoices over Your grandest miracles. In the rush of everyday life, let me not forget the awe-inspiring power of Your love, the wonders of Your creation, and the beautiful mystery of Your presence. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


6 thoughts on “Today Devotional: August 01, 2023”

  1. Morning… in my prayer this morning, I asked God to show us His demonstration at hand. His marvelous works of miracles. People only believe when they can see, but we as Christian we know is about our faith. So the aww is Good. The Lord will confirm His Word.

    • Hello Betty,

      Thank you for sharing your morning prayer and thoughts with us. Indeed, faith plays a crucial role in the life of a Christian. While miracles and signs can reaffirm our beliefs, true faith is about believing even when we can’t see. God indeed works marvelously and sometimes subtly, and it is our job to have a discerning heart to recognize His acts. Continue praying and hoping in faith, and surely the Lord will reveal His works in His perfect timing.

      May your day be filled with the awe-inspiring wonder of His presence.


    • Hello Anthony,

      I genuinely appreciate your kind words. I hope that you continue finding inspiration and enlightenment in our further blog posts. Remember, you are always welcome at GodlyBible. Have a blessed day!

      Warm Regards,

  2. Good afternoon, Elaine! I just read the blog, and I just wanted to share how I’ve been feeling lately. I have been praying to God to give me childlike wonder of Him again. Just like I had when I became a believer in Christ. Where He shows me things I’ve never seen before and I’m in awe of what He does. I’ve been feeling like I’m going routinely in my day to day, and I have left Him behind. I know it’s because I have not been studying the way I use to. I don’t pray as I use to. Oh Lord please forgive me of my selfishness and neglecting our precious time together. I know You long for me to be with you daily in every moment. Open my eyes to see You. Open my ears to hear You. Open my heart to receive from You the wonders and blessings that You give! I just want to be with You like before I put all my tasks before You and do all on my own.
    Always and forever Your daughter Josephine Morgan

    • Dear Josephine,

      Your heartfelt sharing aligns with many believers’ experiences. We do get caught in our routine and feel distant. But the beautiful thing is, your realization and yearning to reconnect displays your love for God. His arms are always open to welcome us back.

      Seeing God with childlike wonder deepens our bond with Him. It’s wonderful you desire it. Continue seeking Him with sincerity, allowing His wisdom, grace, and love to surprise you anew.

      Every blessing to you as you journey your spiritual path. You’re never alone as God is always with you ❤



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