Sneak Peek into Our Stunning 12 New Bible Covers! (June 2023 Edition)

Are you ready for a fresh look? A bit of inspiration? A beautiful way to protect that precious book you treasure so dearly? Let me introduce you to our stunning new arrivals for June 2023!

Picture yourself walking into your favorite coffee shop, Bible in hand, with a fabulous accessory that not only elevates your style but also sparks meaningful conversations… What if I told you that an accessory exists and it’s just a click away?

At GodlyBible, we know that your Bible is not just a book. It’s the Word of God. It’s a sacred journey through life… So, we’ve created a special collection of new arrivals in June 2023 – designed to uplift and protect the vessel that contains those meaningful, motivating, and life-changing words within.

Let’s dive into the exciting details and discover what makes these June 2023 arrivals so awe-inspiring…

Fearless and Feminine: Bible Covers Women Will Adore

Ladies, this one’s for you… We’ve heard your requests and put together a remarkable selection of designs crafted specifically for women, inspired by some of the most powerful and meaningful Bible verses.

Picture the glow on your face when carrying one of these stunning covers, knowing that it represents your faith, your devotion, and your identity as a child of God…

Hebrews 6:19 – Hope as an anchor for the soul

Hold onto hope with this nautical-inspired cover as you sail through the unpredictable waters of life. It will be a testament to the steadfastness and grace found in your Heavenly Father.

Romans 8:28 – Trusting God’s plan and purpose

This tastefully-designed cover serves as an every day reminder that, in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him. Embrace trust and confidence in His plan for your life.

Isaiah 41:13 – Encouragement and strength from God

Envision this beautiful cover, intricately designed, providing a constant reminder of the loving hand of God that holds and strengthens you through every trial…

Psalm 139:14 – Unique creation and praise

Celebrate your Divine creation with this elegant cover highlighting the wonder of being fearfully and wonderfully made. Each time you open the pages of your Bible, remember… You are beautifully designed by God Himself.

Song of Solomon 2:10 – Love and springtime renewal

Allow nature-inspired, gorgeous artwork to encapsulate the love story between you and your Creator, as you walk hand in hand through every season of life.

Zephaniah 3:17 – God’s love and singing over His children

Imagine how deeply cherished you’ll feel carrying this heartwarming design, expressing God’s unwavering love for you… His voice singing sweet melodies over you in joy and celebration.

Treat yourself or a cherished woman in your life to the gift of a cover designed specifically with her heart in mind… And remember, these aren’t just designs—these are messages of hope, love, and strength.

And for the gentlemen? We’ve got you covered too. Let’s explore the designs for men.

Bold and Devout: Bible Covers Men Won’t Be Able To Resist

Gentlemen, you’re up! We’re excited to share an equally exquisite collection of Bible covers designed just for you. Each expertly crafted to reflect the essence of your faith, your commitment, and your strength as warriors in God’s army…

Picture the feeling of pride and connection that comes with carrying a Bible cover personalized with a meaningful verse, reminding you that you are part of a bigger story…

Exodus 14:14 – The Lord fighting on our behalf

Embody the bravery of Moses and his people with this bold design, a compelling reminder that the Lord himself fights for you during battles great and small.

1 John 4:1 – Discernment and testing the spirits

Carry this eye-catching cover, guiding you in your spiritual journey to discern truth from deception, knowing that God’s wisdom will keep you anchored in His Word.

Joshua 24:15 – Choosing to serve the Lord in our homes

Uphold your role as a committed servant of God with this striking Bible cover, a statement piece that reads “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Use it as a guidepost for life decisions and prioritizing faith in your home.

Proverbs 16:3 – Committing our works to God for success

Let this sophisticated design inspire you to always commit your endeavors to the Almighty. This cover is a daily reminder that your work becomes infinitely more significant when done in partnership with the Lord Himself.

Hebrews 13:8 – The unchanging nature of Jesus Christ

Carry a symbol of unwavering faith with this timeless design, elegantly showcasing the profound verse that declares Jesus Christ as the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Take the plunge and select a cover that not only protects your Bible but also speaks to the heart of your own unique spiritual walk… a cover that says “This is me, this is who I serve.”

Now, let’s talk customization and materials to make these designs your very own.

Custom Creations: Making Your Bible Cover Uniquely Yours

So you’ve found the perfect design to resonate with your soul… But what if we told you that your chosen masterpiece could be even more personalized? Intrigued? Let’s explore…

At GodlyBible, our vision is to provide you with unmatched customization options so that your Bible cover becomes more than just a protective accessory; it transforms into a unique expression of your faith and style.

Your material choices set the stage for this personal journey. For those who desire the luxuriously supple feel of top grain leather, we’ve got you covered (pun intended). Alternatively, if you’re an advocate for animal-friendly products, our vegan leather option is here to make sure that your beliefs and principles remain uncompromised.

Want to take it a step further? We also offer the option for personalizing your cover by including names, significant dates, or even your favorite inspirational quote. These little touches make your Bible cover incredibly special… a precious keepsake worth cherishing for years to come.

With these endless customization options at your fingertips, there’s little doubt that your brand new Bible cover will become a true representation of your personal journey…and a conversation starter at your next Bible study.

As we conclude, let’s recap the excitement of our June 2023 arrivals and remind you how easy it is to get your hands on one (or more!) of these stunning covers.


As we bid adieu to our indulgent tour through GodlyBible’s new June 2023 arrivals, let us remind you of the enchanting world that awaits you… Bible covers adorned with exquisitely designed verses for men and women, reflecting your identity as a beloved child of God.

Where inspiration meets beauty and faith becomes an everyday accessory, our vast array of customizable Bible covers provides the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. The only question left is: Which captivating design will become your go-to faith companion?

Don’t miss out on this limited edition opportunity to elevate your spiritual experience. Shop our exclusive new collection now and it’ll be like Christmas in June — …or rather, blessings in June!

We’d love to hear from you after wrapping your cherished Bible in one of these divine covers. Share your thoughts with us and express your joy at discovering the ideal combination of style, protection, and inspiration. Join the GodlyBible family today and enhance your spiritual growth one beautiful Bible cover at a time.

Happy shopping! And may these awe-inspiring designs inspire you to deepen your faith and ignite dreamy conversations among fellow believers…

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  1. The words of God is alive until now, and no one can alter it. Is eternal and its already written.

    God blessed you all.

    • Hi Sophie,

      Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment. I, Elaine, couldn’t agree more with your sentiment. The Word of God is indeed alive and eternal, and it continues to guide us in our daily lives. It’s a profound truth that we at GodlyBible cherish deeply.

      We feel incredibly blessed to be part of this journey with you and others who share our love for the Holy Scriptures. Your support and kind words are a source of encouragement for our entire team.

  2. The words of God is alive until now, and no one can alter it. Is eternal and its already written.

    God blessed you all.

  3. I’m wondering if I ordered a Bible cover for someone in the Church. I ordered one previously and they love it. Would I get a discount discount for the order since it will be my second order?

    • Hi Sara,

      Firstly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support of GodlyBible. It’s wonderful to hear that the Bible cover you ordered was well-received and loved. Your kind words truly warm my heart.

      I understand your interest in a discount for your second order. As the founder of GodlyBible, I’m always looking for ways to show appreciation to our loyal customers like you. I’m thrilled to inform you that we have an upcoming July 4th Sale that you might be interested in. This sale could provide you with a fantastic opportunity to purchase another Bible cover at a discounted price.

      Please visit this link to sign up for the sale: July 4th Sale at GodlyBible. By signing up, you’ll be notified about all the amazing deals we have in store for you.

      Once again, thank you for your support and for being a part of our GodlyBible family. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.


    • Dear Juanita,

      Thank you for expressing interest in our bible covers.

      Moreover, we are excited to tell you about our upcoming July 4th Private Sale. By signing up, you’ll be able to enjoy exclusive discounts that might make our Bibles and covers even more affordable for you.

      Remember, the Word of God is the greatest treasure we could ever own. Don’t let anything hold you back from studying it.

      Stay blessed,


    • Hi Sheila,

      I’m sorry to hear about the issue with your Bible Cover. We certainly want to help you resolve this as soon as possible. Please send an email detailing your issue to our customer service team at They’ll be able to assist you further, including providing a return label for your product.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience in this matter. Our team will do their best to ensure a smooth and easy return process for you.

      Kind Regards,

    • Hi Carolyn,
      I’m sorry to hear about the issue with the zipper of your Bible Cover. We certainly want to help you resolve this as soon as possible. Please send an email detailing your issue to our customer service team at They’ll be able to assist you further.
      We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience in this matter. Our team will do their best to support you in this case.
      Kind Regards,

    • Hi Barbara,

      Your sunflower idea is delightful and we appreciate your suggestion!
      I will certainly pass your suggestion onto our design team. Stay tuned to our website and social media platforms for any updates on new designs. Again, thank you for your input. May God’s love shine on you as brightly as sunny sunflowers!


    • Hi Jules,

      It’s wonderful to hear that you and your wife are appreciating our Bible covers! Our aim is to create products that will not only protect your Bibles but also serve as a daily reminder of God’s verses. We have lots of styles and designs to suit everyone’s taste.
      Please feel free to reach out in case you need any assistance in placing your order. God bless!



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