Daily Devotional: September 17, 2023 – Ephesians 5:8

You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light – Ephesians 5:8

Thoughts on Today’s Verse

Today, we turn our attention to a profound verse from Ephesians 5:8; “You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.” This verse conjures a compelling image. Imagine a deep, dark forest at the heart of the night, brimming with shadows and veiled enigmas. Now visualize the arrival of dawn, softly eradicating the darkness, giving way to a world saturated with light and vibrating with life. This, in essence, is who we are in the eyes of God.

This verse is like a mirror showing us how our lives should look. It’s like God’s telling us, “Hey, you’re my child, and I am the light. So you should be living as a child of light.” Just like the sun shines and lights up the whole world every morning, we should shine too. And we should spread the brightness of God’s love to everyone around us.

God’s light in us can be like a tiny seed that sprouts, grows, and eventually blooms, spreading beauty around us. Just like a single flower can change a landscape, our brightness can profoundly affect those around us. We must ask ourselves, “Am I a true reflection of God’s light?” This question serves as a daily reminder to embrace His warmth, nurture it within us, and let it guide us on our journey.

Living as children of light might not be easy, similar to a seedling’s struggle to break through the earth’s crust. But, eventually, that seedling blossoms beautifully, repaying the effort. Merely aligning our lives with God’s light creates a calming, natural rhythm that resonates with everything around us. Let’s strive each day to be like that bright, uplifting sunrise that brings hope and light to all.

My Prayer

Gracious Lord, thank You for being that dawn in our lives, sweeping away the darkness. Thank You for transforming us from mere shadows into Your radiant children of light. We’re like seeds, planted in the fertile ground of Your love, nurtured by Your grace, aiming to bloom in Your divine sunlight.

We ask for strength, dear God. Strength to let Your light within us shine bright, to touch others with the warmth of Your love. May we always offer that light, promising and hopeful, to those lost in their personal twilight.

Help us to remember we are mirrors reflecting Your radiant love. Let our every thought, every word, and every action reflect You brightly. Make us better every day, Lord. Help us live and love as Your true children of light, illuminating all around us.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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